I just wanted to say thank you again!! I absolutely love my hair!! Brilliant work - so very appreciative!


I just wanted to tell you how awesome my hair is now.  Absolutely perfect!
I haven't been this happy with my hair in years.
Thank you so much.


Dear Bridget, Losing so much of my hair along with the other lovely side effects of my illness made me feel sick. I felt heart sick to look at myself.
I don't try to be vain but I am a female and I like to feel like one!
Since you did my extensions I get double takes and flirts and compliments left and right. I do not feel like hiding.
I feel Beautiful and Sexy. I did not understand the true female power of this feeling until it was gone!
Thank you for giving that back to me at a time in my life that I need it most! I am taking excellent care of my hair, I bought the shampoo and tangle teaser and keep it in braids when I am not flaunting my sexy self.
Any way I am working these babies for all they are worth. Thank you!


Bridget, you have nooooooo idea how much I love my hair!!!!!! You've literally changed my life!!! ♥


Hi Bridget! I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving my extensions. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I make YouTube videos for a living and have had such a wonderful response from my viewers with hundreds and hundreds of comments and emails about the hair alone! I look forward to seeing you again in the future and just wanted to express my appreciation.


You are better than any Prozac, Zoloft or Rum. I have a good time talking with you and then leave feeling insanely confident! Thank you again for your amazing work! I love, love, LOVE it! If anyone hears shouting from the mountain tops, its just me.


Thank you for doing such an amazing job on D***’s hair today!
It’s so much prettier than the wefts that she got at **** ******. Both the quality of the hair and the workmanship are great!


Every single one of us ought to ROB BANKS, and STICK PEOPLE UP AT KNIFE POINT in order to pay THE HAIR WIZARD BRIDGET for all that she has done to make our entire lives 100% better and sexier! No matter what kinda crappy day I'm having... the hair that Bridget has expertly layed down on my head, has gotten me at least 10 compliments from random people as I'm walking down the street! THAT is a priceless feeling!


Omg Bridget I can't get over how talented you are. I've NEVER had extensions that look and feel this good and it blows me away.
Thank you thank you thank you !
 I just can't get over it- all of the "extension experts" I worked with in LA. They got nothing on you :)


Bridget you're such an amazing woman and stylist! I love love love my hair and I always have such a good time with you! Thank you so much!!! Xoxoxo


I've been meaning to write you for awhile.  I wanted to just say thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my hair extensions.  I love them and it has given me so much more confidence in myself.  I get compliments all the time from my friends on my hair.  I recently had to go to ******** to have some color put on my hair (although they wouldn't put color on the extensions for fear of ruining them) , and the stylist was so impressed with the extensions and the quality that she wanted to put hers back in again.  I also had a boudoir photo session done for my fiancee and had a professional make-up artist/stylist do my hair and make-up. She was raving about how "strategic" you placed the extensions, how natural it looked, and exact in texture it was to my own hair.  She told me that in her job she sees a lot of extensions and this was one of the best she's seen.

I just wanted to let you know how happy you've made me and everyone loves your work.

Thanks so much!

I want to thank you for being you and doing hair at such a reasonable price!
I'm am in love with my locks.

1 week hair report: Love, love, love it! I tried to blow dry, straighten n curl, but prefer it " natural" lol. Seriously tho it acts so much like my real hair, I've fully owned it by now. I'm hooked!


Bridget Christian is nothing less than a MASTER MAGICIAN of hair!
She has improved my life by 100% over the years.
If it were not for Bridget's talents,I would be a way less cool looking Siouxsie today. Bridget Christian is a Hair Genius!
She gave me "new hair" back on March 15th...and I have been bleaching,dyeing and teasing the hell out of that shit for 5 months.... and it still looks GLORIOUS!
Only 4-5 extensions have pulled out, and those probably lost a foot hold because I was pulling the shit outta them!


omg bridget! i adore my extensions thank you SO much

tis true - the only aspect cooler than my New Hair was having spent time w/rockin awesome YOU Bridget :)
thank you for absolutely everything - sharing your wit & wisdom, your entirely cool kid jack, the furried fabulous friends, the movies & popcorn.


you know that YOU change lives babe!!!


Thank you sooo much Bridget!! I adore my Princess Hair!! You're the Best!


Just wanted to thank you for fitting me in yesterday and to tell you how beautiful my hair looks! My boyfriend LOVES it too (and he never notices/cares about anything i do to my hair :) )

Thanks again!


Everyone loves the hair and so many think its all my own! heehee...


My hair is amazing. You did such an awesome job, I never thought it would look so good. You are so talented and I can't thank you enough. Thank you.


You did a great job on applying the extension! I love it, You make it so comfortable at ur place. affordable price too! keep it that way. Lol.



I would lovvvve to meet with you again. you've done my hair once before and since then i've tried two other types of extensions, i've recently lost a ton of hair through hair braiding for weaves, and I am miserable. i need to get my fusions done again as I did not lose any hair with your service. I did a full head before it lasted about 6 months. As I look back now, I should have never tried anything else..
It seems I had the best luck with your fusions so I am very thankful that it worked with my hair.


I LOVE MY HAIR! You're awesome! xoxoxoxox


Bridget makes the COOLEST hair ever!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Bridget,
Hope you are well.....I will come see yah when summer is over and I need some cool hair!


I love this woman!!! She also helps to give me cool hair. Seriously, she rocks and is fabulous at hair.

Thanks darling!!!


Do you want huge, beautiful hair? Like, a LOT of it? That's a silly question. Of course you do.
Bridget is the only game in town.


bridgets awesome hair talent is only superceded by her kickass self

shell extend your social life as she extends your hair


Bridget's work kicks so much ass! She gave me hair to my butt and in cool colors that don't rinse out! Loved it!

When I moved away from Seattle, my hair shrank and appeared lifeless. No Bridget = no extensions! SAD!


After shopping around for 6 months to get extensions, I found Bridget. She got back to me within a day and a few weeks later did my hair. I absolutely love it! Easy to maintain and it looks fantastic! Bridget is very affordable and works around your schedule!

Thanks! :) If you move Im going to kill you!!!!!!!


anytime she did my hair, it was the most amazing thing you ever did see. this woman has incredible talent, a big sense of humor, and the gives the best stacked bobs known to man. i swear to god, i wish i had her in every city i've lived in.


If you are unhappy with your hair or simpley want a changed, Bridget is the amazing diva that you need to help you with whatever your desire or look or visions may be...She's off the hook!!!
The comfortable atmosphere where her magic takes place is awesome with her welcoming and need/want to please clients. I'm confident when I say "You will leave not only happy , but you will also have an awesome/amazing new friend... :)
It doesn't stop here though :)... The price you pay for her magic is simply the best you will find ANYWHERE...with all the experience, knowledge and talent she olds, the new do/YOU is priceless anyhoo... ;)
Thank you Bridget for everything...


This beauty fit me in her schedule last minute, and her amazing work has most def changed my life...
Ya, silly as it may sound...it's not joke...she gave me confidence and happiness with my hair that I never had before...a transformation to a better place with the help of boogiemama...I was at last happy with my everyday look...It's amazing how much of a difference she's made.


For me, my hair is a part of my being. I keep it long because I love the way it feels, part cloak, part fan, part mane, part security blanket. After having surgery and the hair loss that accompanied it, I felt dowdy and not myself. I decided to try hair extensions and had a terrible experience with wefts and a newbie hair tech. After doing more research, I happened upon the Boogiemama Website. Bridget is a true artist with distinctive aesthetic style. Her work is transforming and you will feel gorgeous when she is done.


Hi Bridget, I just wanted to thank you again for my dreads. I love them!!! You do such an excellent job. I have had so many compliments on your work. Thank you so much, You are the Queen of Fake Hair!!!!


OMG I cannot tell you how fabulous this hair is. I feel so girlie and sexy, it put the spring back in my step! Everyone at work today was saying "you should wear your hair down more often because it is so beautiful", don't know how they missed it is about a foot longer than last week. So thanks Bridget your are so talented; It is absolute perfection!!!!


Thank you so much for making my hair so beautiful. I appreciate you and you can always use me as a reference for the quality of your work.


So now that I’m used to my hair and everything I LOVE IT!!!! I washed it and styled it to my liking and I couldn’t be happier. You’re awesome. Also… I got a last minute invite to a fashion show last Friday and I probably wouldn’t have went with just my own real hair hahaha!!


OMG! You made me so super cute!!!!!!!! I love you!


Thank you Bridget, I love my new hair so much ! It feels so good to have beautiful hair again. I can't Thank you enough


hey i got my hair wet and styled it the next day and it looked good!!!! and last night i washed it and styled it and it looks even better!!!! THANKS I LOVE ME HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!