Hey there everyone!

Everyone wants a Saturday appointment. I understand that as most people work m-f.
As most of you know, doing a head of extensions and/or a removal can take up to 6 hours.
That is the length of my work day (If I do more than that it isn’t good for me).
Saturday is a coveted day for a lot of my clients and they book up quickly and far in advance most times.

The problem I am having is that clients are booking consultations and shorter appointments in the middle or later in the day on Saturday.
This makes it so I cannot book anything else that day (I don’t have that many short appt clients) and people can’t get in for extensions.

If you need to get in on a Saturday for a shorter appointment, you will need to email or text me to set up an appointment otherwise your appt request will be declined.
More often than not I can get you in but it will have to be before 1-2 pm.

If there are any other times you would like to get in that aren’t available in online booking PLEASE ASK! I may be able to do something for you! šŸ™‚