Everyone needs a different amount of hair as well as finely tuned placement that follows the contours of your head and growth patterns of your hair.
There are many different types of hair to choose from.
During your consultation I will suggest which type of hair will work best for you.

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Highlights/spot thickening, no length – $40-$300+  (10-50 extensions)
Volume, no length – $200-$800+ (50-100 extensions)
Length and volume – $400 – $1200+ (100-200 extensions)
Low end = synthetic hair
High end = high quality human hair

All prices below are PER EXTENSION cost including labor.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

At the moment, I do fusion human hair extensions and heat sealed synthetic hair only. No weaves, links, beads, tape, toppers or anything else. Thanks! 🙂