I source hair from a lot of different suppliers. I know who is the best and who isn’t.
Unfortunately, the most affordable hair supplier is no longer producing the decent quality they once were.
Quite a few of my clients use this hair but they are experiencing a terrible time with knotting and tangling.
I absolutely cannot have this happen!
Hair extensions are SO popular now that good hair is becoming scarcer and of course, more expensive.

The brands are 707, 808 and 909 hair from The Hair Shop in Los Angeles.
I can keep these options on the menu but will not offer unless asked for.
I still have a few clients who want to use these brands even with the difficulties involved.
Everyone who uses this hair will have to sign a waiver and I ask that it not be kept in longer than 2 months.
I absolutely cannot guarantee this hair at all.

I understand that hair extensions are expensive but wouldn’t you rather invest in nicer hair that lasts longer, is tangle free and is possible to reuse?
There are so many other options!
I have switched a few clients over to better hair and they can’t believe how much nicer and easier to take care of it is.
Please ask me about it the next time you see me.