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If you are a new client please book your consultation first, your extension installation will come at a later date. Turnaround time can be a day or so, not weeks. It depends on how booked I am and where we are ordering hair from. I absolutely cannot give any accurate price quotes unless I see your hair and head in person.

Check out all of these great questions and answers I have provided for you. I think this covers anything you might want to know.

If your questions are still not answered, feel free to send me a message!

I can get very busy between work and family obligations and don’t have much time to talk on the phone.
I do not talk on the phone while with clients, you will appreciate that if you ARE my client!
I understand you may have questions but they are all answered here on the website. I don’t mind questions via email.
I cannot give price quotes over the phone/email. I need to see you.
Book your consult and we can talk at your appt 🙂

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I WILL get back to you within 24 hours but probably much sooner than that!

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