Interested in having me do your Hair Extensions?

I realize I have a LOT of information on my website and it might be a bit much to navigate.
I REALLY do appreciate clients who take the time to read all the info! It makes me really happy.

Here is the quick and easy version of what you need to know!


  • How do I contact you?
    Please email or text. If you need a phone call it will be a while for me to get back to you. Book online and check out the website, all questions are answered within!



  • When are you available?
    I can get pretty booked up and usually can’t accept last minute appointments. Plan ahead! See my schedule here.



  • How do I book an appointment for a consultation?
    Please book your appointment online, that is the fastest and easiest way to get in.  If you are new you must book a consultation appointment first. You do not need to contact me first to book a consultation. Just be sure you understand what services I offer.



  • Where am I located?
    I am in a private location in the North Beacon Hill area of Seattle. I am one person, not a salon and by appointment only.



  • How much are hair extensions? 
    Low end = synthetic hair
    High end = high quality human hair
    Highlights/spot thickening, no length – $40-$300+  (10-50 extensions)
    Volume, no length – $200-$800+ (50-100 extensions)
    Length and volume – $400 – $1200+ (100-200 extensions)



  • Do you have sales or discounts?
    My prices are already low and considering I have over 30 years experience it’s quite the deal!



  • What type of payment do you accept?
    I accept credit/debit cards, Paypal, checks and cash.
    After May 1st there will be a 10% price increase. Pay with cash to avoid that.


Have a question? Ask away!

Hair Extension Removals

Hello everyone!

As many of you know I have been doing hair extensions for many, many years.
I have not had any issues but lately removals have been taking a toll on my hand muscles… especially those of you who leave extensions in for a long time or have difficult comb-outs.
Most extensions take no longer than 1 hour to remove but for some clients it takes me longer to remove than to install the hair.
I usually include this service for free if you are having a redo the same day.
I am changing my removal policy to “First hour free, $60 per hour after that” no matter how long you have left your extensions in.
This will take effect immediately so be prepared if you have an appointment booked!

The better you take care of your scalp hair and your extensions the shorter your removal time will be.

Thanks for understanding 🙂

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What is the most important part of aftercare?

Synthetic Hair is Awesome!

I mixed together 5 different colors for this hair experience. White blonde, fuchsia, baby pink, bubblegum pink and lavender. 137 synthetic extensions.
If you don’t know about or are reluctant to try synth hair you should give it a chance! About 1/3 of my clients LOVE synthetic hair and wouldn’t have anything else!
It is also a lot more affordable.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

There was a time when this was the only option other than weaves and braids. Caucasian hair cannot handle the weight of those extension styles a lot of the time. Extensions have come a long way since I first started doing them in the 80s, it’s so much easier now, lots of options!

Looking for more hair extension photos? Here are so many photos it will make your head will spin! 🙂

Hair Extension Inspiration!

Here’s some pretty hair I saw in my internet travels!

Hair extensions can recreate these looks.

If you are looking for length you will need at least 100 extensions.
Much more for thick hair or bob cuts and less for fine hair and longer layered cuts.
If you are looking for fullness and not length you will need around 50-100 depending on your hair type.

Synthetic hair is economical, ethical and you can have ANY color you want!
Mixing synthetic hair colors is like mixing paint.
The colors never fade! $4 per extension no matter what color or length.
The downside to synth hair is you can’t use heat on the hair.

Human Hair extensions can recreate this look too but colors might be a bit more limited.
Human hair extensions have varying prices.


tumblr_msjw0o6kGV1qau4gfo1_500 tumblr_mn69370KdN1rmlbfgo1_500 tumblr_miiuyanhQC1qau4gfo1_500 de9f2d77bd93f259110a0d130274f4b0 28558ee7e812bde719e0865c5d55d4b1 05c82b13e9df71a2b92ae51e02cf17a2 tumblr_msti61MT4y1qi0791o1_500 tumblr_mg0w1exQmi1r9aisho1_500 tumblr_mtltzadCyw1qi0791o1_400 tumblr_my29l80Voq1r0rg2qo1_500

Interested? You can book your free consultation online right this second!
Need more info? Here is a LOT of info.
Want to see photos of my clients before and after? Here are hundreds of them!
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What is the most important part of aftercare?

ALL parts of aftercare are super important.
But, what would I say is the most important part of aftercare?

>>Brushing your roots and keeping the extensions from growing together<<

don't let this happen!
Fine hair not brushed at roots and extensions left in for over 3 months. This is after the extensions are removed

Clients who really need to be careful of this happening are those that have fine, damaged or bleached hair.
Other hair that is susceptible to matting are those with natural kinky or very curly hair.
Extensions that are left in longer than 3 months can have this happen too.

This could occur as the extensions grow away from the head after the first 4-6 weeks.
It is important to dry the roots of your hair as soon as possible after washing.
Brush the roots  with a hair extension brush  or boar bristle brush.
Pull extensions apart to separate. You should always be able to run fingers from roots to ends.
Keep roots dry! Don’t ever sleep, wear a ponytail, wear a hat, wear a helmet while extensions are damp. This includes sweat.

If you’ve ever heard about someone losing hair, developing bald patches or having to cut their hair to get extensions out, you can guarantee they had their hair extensions in for too long or let them mat or dread.

If you feel extensions sticking together and seeming a little “dready” at the roots please let me know.
Don’t let it get worse.

I can usually repair the beginning stages of mats but sometimes the extensions will have to come out and it’s possible that your hair will need to be cut. It is painful to have knots combed out of your hair for hours and can break your hair.

I understand that extensions are expensive, I really do. I know that sometimes people have to wait longer than they would like to have a redo. Please keep in mind that the integrity of your own hair may be risked!
.Clients who really need to be careful of this happening are those that have fine, damaged or bleached hair.


Contacting me

Hey everyone!

Please realize I am one person, I do not have a staff or a receptionist.
I have my cell phone set to *not* ring due to the amount of spammers, telemarketers and weirdos I get from Yelp (you wouldn’t believe it!)

PLEASE, if you have my # text me!! If you email me CHECK YOUR SPAM for my reply!
If you book online that is great and the best way to do things! Be sure to check for an email and text from Square because that will give you directions and info.
Check Spam! Check Spam! Check Spam!

Thank you and see you soon! 🙂

Hair Extensions – Early 90s.

Please enjoy these photos of early 90s hair extensions that I have done.  Everyone wanted big curly hair back then.
We’ve come a LONG way!

90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions
90s hair extensions