The hard part is over and now you get to go home with your new hair!

It is up to you to keep the hair nice for the next 3 months.
I should not see you before then if proper care is taken.

Do NOT leave your extensions in longer than 3 months.
Some clients leave their hair in for longer periods of time with no problems but it is not recommended.


Brush hair gently with a hair extension brushloop brush or soft bristle brush.
Never use a ball tip or hard plastic bristle brush on your extensions, these types of brushes can pull and stretch your extensions.

Gently brush from the bottom of the hair and work your way up to the scalp.
It is very important to brush the scalp area with an extension loop brush or boar bristle brush. This prevents matting.
Separate extensions in the root area by gently pulling apart.
You should be able to run your fingers through the extensions from root to end.


Avoid wetting or washing your extensions for 48 hours after initial application.
This allows the extensions to “set”.
Washing earlier can cause your extensions to slip in the future.
Always use sulfate-free products!
Detergents in regular shampoos will strip the extension hair and cause dryness.
Brush hair thoroughly before shampooing.

Your hair should always be in the vertical position when washing, preferably in the shower.
Do not rub your hair around against your head.
Scrub with fingertips and squeeze shampoo through the length.
If shampoo is too thick to get down to your scalp you can dilute with a bit of water.

Synthetic hair – Rinse thoroughly around the extension seals.
To best maintain curl in your extensions, shampoo and rinse in cool water.
Avoid applying any conditioner in the area around the extension seals. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply conditioner using from mid-length down to the ends and leave on hair for the recommended time.
Applying conditioner onto the scalp can break down the bonds over time and might cause them to either slip or deteriorate.
Do not use heavy protein reconstructors on human hair, it can cause matting and excessive tangling.

Wash hair extensions at least once a week but no more than 3 times.
You can wash the top/front of your hair if you need to, keep extensions tied back while doing this.

After washing and conditioning, wrap a towel around the hair turban style.
Squeeze the towel on the length of the hair to remove excessive moisture. Never rub!
Separate the extensions at the roots before drying, detangle hair from the bottom up with loop brush or wide toothed comb.
Always be sure you can run your fingers from root to end.
Always hold extensions at the root while brushing and be gentle.


Use the low heat setting on your hairdryer.
Be sure to dry the roots as soon as possible, if you let them stay damp or wet, matting can occur.

Synthetic Hair – To best maintain the wave or curl in your extensions allow your hair to air dry.
When using a blow dryer it is best to use the warm setting..
Use the cold setting on the dryer to set a blow dry style.
Avoid pulling your extensions with the brush when they are warm.

Please NEVER SLEEP ON OR PONYTAIL WET OR DAMP HAIR. Also, don’t wear hats or helmets while hair is damp or wet.
If you do this you are guaranteed to develop knots and possible dreadlocks!
Using a satin pillowcase will keep your hair very nice and will help it last longer.


Curling and flat irons can be used, but avoid the bonded areas as they might soften and cause slippage.
The less you use heat on your extensions, the longer they will stay looking nice!
Hot rollers are an easy way to add curls also.
Always use  thermal protection before using heat on your extensions.

Synthetic Hair – You should take care to protect the ends of your extensions (and your own
hair) when using heat to style your hair.
Hot rollers work well and will provide a long holding curl if you allow them to cool
completely before taking down. Use a curler one size smaller than the
finished curl size you desire. Velvet covered hot rollers will help protect
the ends of your hair.
DO NOT use heated styling tools with a metal surface.
High heat will permanently restructure and damage the synthetic hair so be careful!
Hot tubs and oven heat are big culprits of damaging synthetic hair.

Styling Products

Any styling products can be used but keep it to a minimum, overuse can leave the hair heavy and dull.

Synthetic Hair – You may use any of your normal styling products with your extensions,
(hairsprays, mousse, and gels.) but keep in mind the hair will not absorb these products, just lay on top of the strands.
Excessive use of products will make the hair heavy and dull.


You can retouch roots with hair color but hair must be washed and rinsed THOROUGHLY.
If you have foils done, they can’t be applied to areas that have extensions, only the hair that is left out.
The hair extensions should not be colored as it’s already chemically treated and doesn’t react like your own hair.

Synthetic Hair – The same rules apply but hair color will not affect the color of the extensions.

Other Tips!

Always keep your hair in a ponytail or bun on top of your head while sleeping.
Be sure your hair is completely dry before doing this!

Move your hair out of the way when carrying a bag on your shoulder and also when you put on a jacket or coat.

If you are having any concerns at all with your hair, let me know as soon as possible before a small problem gets bigger.
DO NOT go to another salon for help, I cannot stress this enough.
Hair extensions need to be cut by someone trained with extensions. The hair will not “cut” like your own hair.

Always remember, this hair is not YOUR hair. It will not react exactly as your own hair does.
Treat it nicely and with great care and you won’t have any problems.

Can you think of any more questions? Feel free to ask!