My Mission

I provide affordable and quality hair extensions for real, everyday people  in an unpretentious, non-judgmental atmosphere.

I will be honest, reliable and make you feel great about yourself without draining your bank account.

How it all began…

  • When I was 6, I cut off my Baby Crissy doll’s ponytail and it never grew back.
  • I saw Martin Degville and Tony James on MTV in 1984 wich turned my world upside down.
  • In 1985 I bought a book called “Wild Style” that showed underground fashion in NYC.
  • In 1985 I went to The Vidal Sassoon School in London. While I was there I visited Antenna and had my first ever hair extensions done. Gary Oldman sat next to me having his hair dyed for “Sid and Nancy”. Upon my return to the states, I ordered supplies, hair and a video from Dome. I practiced on friends and a few strangers. I went to a “meeting” in Atlanta, GA for hairdressers in the USA that were doing Dome extensions. There weren’t that many people there, but the hairdressers that *were* there were all famous. I was starstruck.
  • In 1988 I moved to New York City and in 1991 I eventually landed a position at A.D. Barrett Salon/Trimco owned by Adriana Trimarchi who had previously been part owner of “Girl Loves Boy” in Soho on Thompson St.
    A.D. Barrett/Trimco specialized in hair extensions and I had the opportunity to teach hairdressers about extensions in trade shows around the country.
    Sadly Trimco is no longer around. The company supplied many hair salons with synthetic and human hair.
  • I became freelance a few years later and have been ever since. I’ve been doing hair extensions for the most part exclusively since 1986. The service isn’t something I added to my repertoire to make a quick buck like a lot of hairdressers. I’ve been into this since Dome introduced it to the non-ethnic market over 30 years ago.
  • I came out to Seattle in 1996 longing for more green than concrete. It’s been challenging in this part of the country where women are more natural, but extensions have become more natural looking and more and more women are discovering that the service isn’t as evil and frivolous as one might think.
  • Hair extensions can dramatically change a persons life and self-esteem. I love helping people feel better about themselves. When you have confidence, everything else falls into place.


Licensed hairdresser since 1985 in PA, also NY, WA.

Directly trained by:

  • Vidal Sassoon School London, England
  • Trevor Sorbie
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Dome Cosmetics/Antenna/Simon Forbes
  • Trimco Intl
  • Redken
  • Clairol

I’ve also received advanced training for:

  • african-american hair
  • barbering
  • haircoloring