Hello everyone! As many of you know I have been doing hair extensions for many, many years. I have not had any issues but lately removals have been taking a toll on my hand muscles… especially those of you who leave extensions in for a long time or have difficult […]

Hair Extension Removals

I mixed together 5 different colors for this hair experience. White blonde, fuchsia, baby pink, bubblegum pink and lavender. 137 synthetic extensions. If you don’t know about or are reluctant to try synth hair you should give it a chance! About 1/3 of my clients LOVE synthetic hair and wouldn’t […]

Synthetic Hair is Awesome!

Here’s some pretty hair I saw in my internet travels! Hair extensions can recreate these looks. If you are looking for length you will need at least 100 extensions. Much more for thick hair or bob cuts and less for fine hair and longer layered cuts. If you are looking […]

Hair Extension Inspiration!

Below are pictures of different thicknesses and lengths of hair before extensions are added. Match up your thickness and length with one of the pictures. Info graciously borrowed from Vision Hair Extensions.

How Many Hair Extensions do I Need?

ALL parts of aftercare are super important. But, what would I say is the most important part of aftercare? >>Brushing your roots and keeping the extensions from growing together<< Clients who really need to be careful of this happening are those that have fine, damaged or bleached hair. Other hair that […]

What is the most important part of aftercare?

Hey everyone! Please realize I am one person, I do not have a staff or a receptionist. I have my cell phone set to *not* ring due to the amount of spammers, telemarketers and weirdos I get from Yelp (you wouldn’t believe it!) PLEASE, if you have my # text me!! […]

Contacting me

Please enjoy these photos of early 90s hair extensions that I have done.  Everyone wanted big curly hair back then. We’ve come a LONG way!

Hair Extensions – Early 90s.

Lately there seems to be some confusion about appointments, consultations and the actual hair extension application. I’ve had quite a few new clients assume I can do their extensions immediately after the consultation. I don’t keep hair in stock, I have it shipped in from Los Angeles. If I order your […]

Same day appointments?